The Gallery

Animation Nation is the only gallery in the Netherlands to exclusively sell concepts, drawings and 'cels' from animated cartoons.. These are original works of art, hand-drawn by artists from famous animation studios and used during the production process of creating animated cartoons from the 1930s to the 2000s. We also have a limited collection of comic book art, including works by Disney artist Carl Barks (see above).


Schiedam has a large historical city centre. No other city in the Netherlands has a history quite like Schiedam. Built by prosperous distillers (it is the original home of gin), the city has over 200 national monuments as well as historic canals and bridges.

The city centre offers many possibilities for discovery; from the six highest windmills in the world to the City Museum with one of the best CoBrA-collections in the world and of course the Distillery Museum. Gallery Animation Nation is located literally a few steps away from both museums in the very heart of the historic city.