At Animation Nation you will find only original art used in the actual making of an animated cartoon. We select on the basis of originality, artistry, pose and expression. Beside classic pieces of animation and comic art, we show drawings and 'cels' from animated cartoons from all over the world.

The beautiful and classic drawings and 'cels' from the early days have become more and more valuable. Animation Nation has a rare and special collection of classic Disney, Fleischer, MGM and Hanna/Barbera cartoons.

In the last 30 years many new and groundbreaking animated series, like the Simpsons and Ren & Stimpy, have conquered the world. Old favourites have returned in new series and films such as the Pink Panther and Bugs Bunny. Other famous animated characters were re-used in commercials and advertisements. Comic book characters like Garfield and Dilbert found a new career on television.

Some artists are so unique en special they cannot be compared to others. Animation Nation has a great collection of top quality pieces made by the best animators and cartoonists, from Carl Barks to Chuck Jones.

The Japanese word for animation is anime. Japan really loves animation (Anime) and comics (Manga). The Japanese have developed a special and distinct style of animation. Although every artist and studio use different designs some common features are generally detectable - exaggerated physical features such as large eyes, big hair, small noses and elongated limbs. Japanese animation is not famous for its subtlety of movement. Usually the characters do not move much at all. But the poses and expressions can be extraordinary powerful. There is also a clear influence of Japanese calligraphy, painting and manga. Anime is closely connected to Japanese society and uniquely theirs. Animation Nation has a selection of outstanding Japanese drawings and celluloids.

Not every animated cartoon is successful. Not all animation characters become stars. But some of the individual designs, celluloids, drawings and sketches can still be of top quality. Animation Nation's collection has some prime examples of that.